Finance topic image, Bloomberg Center entrance HBS campus
Finance topic image, Bloomberg Center entrance HBS campus
Vice President, Finance, Inteligo Group, Lima, Peru
Embrace a once-in-a-lifetime experience that prepares you for new business challenges. Read More.
SVP Global GTM Strategy and Business Development, Juniper Networks, Inc., Singapore
Build leadership skills—and self-awareness—needed for the next step in your career. Read More.
Senior Vice President, Oracle Corporation, U.S.
"AMP taught me to think more broadly and to really listen to others. I am now making more of an effort to seek out my co-workers' opinions and take them into account when I make decisions."
Vice Rector, Research University of the Free State Bloemfontein, South Africa
"The environment at HBS is so positive—people affirm each other all the time. It made me realize that we should affirm one another more in our work environments—clap hands, be joyful, and say, "Well done.""
VP Strategic Initiatives-Supply Chain, PepsiCo, U.S.
Attended Strategic IQ
Explore the lessons of real-world cases and the insights of global leaders. Read More.
Group Executive Editor, Fairfax Media Limited, New Zealand
Attended Strategic IQ
Prepare your organization for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities. Read More.
CEO, Dow Jones, U.S.
Dive into a unique, life-changing interlude that prepares you for new challenges. Read More.
Principal, Institutional Retirement Plan Services, Vanguard, U.S.
Expand horizons and become a more versatile leader. Read More.
William Lewis
William Lewis
William Lewis
CEO, Dow Jones, U.S.
"I can't think of anything else I've done that has genuinely changed my life in such a profound way."
Lead, Health & Health Care Initiatives , Alberta Innovates, Canada
Shift your focus from minimizing costs to maximizing outcomes. Read More.
Vice President of Sales , BEGA, U.S.
Understand, anticipate, and shape the decisions your customers make. Read More.
Board of Governors , San Francisco Symphony, U.S.
Explore dynamic new processes and tools for nonprofits. Read More.
Senior Director, Integrated Health Partners, Eli Lilly, U.S.
GMP offers many opportunities for leadership growth. Read More.
Chief People Officer, Tanfeeth, United Arab Emirates
Transform your perspective—and your ability to lead—in GMP. Read More.
Managing Executive, Markets, Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking, South Africa
"The essence of the program is about bringing all of these learnings from different disciplines together to form a fresh view of the world, your environment, your relationships, and yourself as a leader."
President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation, Brazil
"You come away from AMP with a better understanding of who you are and who you want to be. That realization washes over you during the course of the eight weeks; and it’s a moving and powerful transformation."
SVP Global GTM Strategy and Business Development, Juniper Networks, Inc., Singapore
"The success of the case studies, for example, is largely due to the professors' ability to get the participants engaged in insightful and intelligent discussions. You feel connected and captivated because of how they draw you out of your comfort zone to participate in the larger discussion."
Managing Director, North American Power Origination, U.S.
Stretch beyond your comfort zone to take your leadership to the next level. Read More.
Kiran Gill
Kiran Gill
Kiran Gill
Managing Director, North American Power Origination, U.S.
"The professors were highlights of the program—they were the best facilitators I have ever experienced."
VP Head of CSR, Sanofi, France
"I wanted to learn how to define CSR strategy and identify implementation obstacles. This program helped me achieve my goals."
President, Fujifilm Recording Media U.S.A., Inc., U.S.
Explore new trends, best practices, and diverse perspectives. Read More.
Senior Vice President, Oracle Corporation, U.S.
"I appreciated the fact that we were not just skimming the surface—we really got down into the details of a range of topics in business management and leadership."
Area Vice President, MV Transportation, Inc., U.S.
"This program not only challenged me professionally and personally, but also inspired me to have higher expectations for myself. It made me want to ensure that I’m fulfilling—or at least pursuing—my life's purpose with a day-to-day passion that will help me take my career to a new level."
Assistant Vice President, Tata Sustainability Group, India
"The group of participants was quite diverse. There were people not only from India, but also from the Middle East and other regions around the world. Some were from family owned businesses while others were from larger corporations. It was quite an eclectic crowd."
Senior Director Research & Development, Philips India Limited, India
"The motivation and inspiration I gained from this experience were both exhilarating. And the confidence I walked away with was invaluable."
Vice President, Finance, Inteligo Group, Peru
"I was not just learning a few formulas or concepts—I was really growing as a person and a leader. The exercises drew things out of me that I had never experienced before. GMP provided benefits that will stay with me for a lifetime."