Kasturi Wilson
Kasturi Wilson
Managing Director, Hemas Pharmaceuticals, MD Hemas Logistics, MD Hemas Martitime, Sri Lanka
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Chief Financial Officer, EFA Group, Singapore
Rethink how you negotiate and reach a winning deal. Read More.
Head of Corporate and Asset-based Finance, EFA Group, Singapore
Bring a clear mind and methodical approach to every negotiation. Read More.
Commercial Director, International Volleyball Federation, Switzerland
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Senior Vice President of Sales, Vivint, Inc., U.S.
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Chief Executive Officer, CORPCOM, France
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Chief, Rule of Law Liaison Office, Kosovo
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Senior Director – Fleet Transactions, Hawaiian Airlines, Inc., U.S.
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Director of Project Development, AIDEA
"Strategic Negotiations has had a significant impact on me as a leader, starting with the fundamental principle of making the pie bigger rather than looking for a bigger slice of the pie."