Julien Jobard
Julien Jobard
Chief Financial Officer, EFA Group, Singapore
Rethink how you negotiate and reach a winning deal. Read More.
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Co-founder & CEO, WeMaintain, France
Develop broad and deep connections that last a lifetime. Read More.
Senior Business Process Consultant, Mazda North American Operations, U.S.
Immerse yourself in an environment that will transform your life. Read More.
Director of Strategic Accounts, Ooredoo Qatar, Qatar
Position your company to capitalize on the digital future. Read More.
CEO, Global Health Corps, U.S.
Gain the knowledge and tools to achieve your professional goals. Read More.
Founder and CEO, Live-Up Leadership, U.S.
Gain the skills and insights to build businesses and change your life. Read More.
CEO, SEAL Future Fund, U.S.
Explore the leadership principles that connect military and civilian roles. Read More.
Business Development and Product Strategy, Mapbox, U.S.
Strengthen your ability to influence people and drive growth. Read More.
CEO, Sparks Innovations and Brandcom Global; Host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Sri Lanka
Learn how to use leadership to change people's lives. Read More.
Vice President, Kimco Realty Corporation, U.S.
Shift your mindset to become a better communicator and a more confident mentor. Read More.
CEO, Paradigm Brand Consultancy, Sweden
A solid vision that's proven its market value. Read More.
Founder, Live-Up Leadership, U.S.
Identify fundamental principles that are time tested and universal. Read More.
Director of Government Relations, Massachusetts Teacher's Association, U.S.
Expand your horizons, contribution, and career options in PLD. Read More.
Senior Marketing Manager, MillerCoors, U.S.
Question assumptions and stretch yourself as a person and leader.
Vice President and IT Program Manager, State Street Global Advisors, U.S.
Bring clear thinking to every business challenge—and find better solutions.
Chief Executive Officer, Aptogon LLC, U.S.
Build a valuable network of global business leaders who want to see you succeed.  Read More.
Chairman, LEGE Investments Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fulfill growth potential in this powerful learning experience. Read More.
Vice President – Banking & Financial Services, North America, NTT Data Services, U.S.
Reenergize with new focus and inspiration. Read More.
Vice President, Islamic Banking, Gulf International Bank, Bahrain
Join peers from around the globe on a journey to more effective leadership. Read More.
General Counsel in Emerging Markets, Eli Lilly and Company, Austria
In PLD, faculty and peers share your passion to make a difference.
Senior Marketing Manager, MillerCoors, U.S.
Question assumptions and stretch yourself as a person and leader. Read More.
Vice President, Islamic Banking, Gulf International Bank, Bahrain
PLD broadens your horizons—and connects you with peers around the globe.
Senior Wealth Management Consultant, Lombard International Assurance, South Africa
Take time to step back, reflect, and confront your strengths and weaknesses in PLD.
Chairman, LEGE Investments Dubai, UAE
Push peers to go deeper in identifying the core of business problems and solutions.
Senior Vice President of Sales, Vivint, Inc., U.S.
A testament to the ROI of executive education. Read More.
Channel Director, On-Trade, Independent Retail, and Wholesale, Diageo, Australia
"PLD is particularly helpful for understanding and applying corporate fundamentals around finance, culture, behavior, marketing, and so on. It has built my base of skill and knowledge in ways that will place me in good stead for the future."