Kasturi Wilson
Kasturi Wilson
Managing Director, Hemas Pharmaceuticals, MD Hemas Logistics, MD Hemas Martitime, Sri Lanka
Improve your ability to help your organization succeed and grow. Read More.
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President and CEO, Atlas, U.S.
Make a short-term investment to gain a long-term advantage. Read More.
Founder, Fanar Al Khaleej
Immerse yourself in an environment of positive energy and unique perspectives. Read More.
CEO, Bluebird Communications Ltd., Nigeria
Discover how leaders across the globe manage people and processes. Read More.
Cofounders, Glamour-Sales and K2, China
OPM prepares successful entrepreneurs to lead a more complex business. Read More.
President of the Board, CEMZA, Mexico
Focus on having the right questions, not just the right answers. Read More.
Managing Director, Benco Dental Company, U.S.
Learn to focus on "a difference that matters" in the Owner/President Management Program.
Chairman and Cofounder, Icelandic Glacial, Iceland
The cofounder describes how his company sells water—and gives it away. Read More.
Founder and Executive Director, C&C Alpha Group Limited
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Co-Founder and Managing Director, BLUE Asset Management GmbH
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Owner, Mapa Investimentos
"OPM expanded my mind. After just three weeks, the world became smaller and my personal and professional goals grew bigger. I definitely came back home thinking differently."
CEO and Managing Partner, Suann Ingle Associates
Gain competitive advantage by learning how to do old things in new ways.  Read More.
President, Nexustars Technologies, Inc.
"OPM was a transformational learning experience. The program incorporated intensive and rigorous courses that targeted each segment of the business. I gained practical and valuable lessons that enhanced my capacity to lead and to achieve important goals—in business and in life."
President, Social Reality, Inc.
Prepare for a broader array of business and leadership challenges in a program designed for busy CEOs. Read More.
President, Structural Technologies
An OPM participant shares how the program transformed his business perspective and role as a leader. Read More.
Learn how a group of OPM alumni are making a difference in the world.
Chief Executive Officer, Cians Analytics Inc.
"The overall theme of 'thinking big' stuck with me from the day I got there until the day I left. Now, in my day-to-day tasks I constantly evaluate how my time is being spent, and I empower my people to tell me things that I don't want to know but need to know."
Anmol Bhandari, Chief Executive Officer, Cians Analytics Inc.,  Owner/President Management participant, opm, HBS Executive Education
Anmol Bhandari, Chief Executive Officer, Cians Analytics Inc.,  Owner/President Management participant, opm, HBS Executive Education
Anmol Bhandari
Chief Executive Officer, Cians Analytics Inc.
"A game changer for executives who want to grow their businesses, themselves, and their networks."
Founder, Practical Protocol
"The program opened up my mind to new ways of looking at my future. It gave me the confidence that I am on a good path, as well as rich leadership tools and a network of resources. I am at a crossroads personally and professionally, and I am using this program as my personal workshop to really focus on the direction I would like to take."
Synchronize your management team by instilling them with a common set of principles and strategies.
Clarify your organizational objectives and management strategies to enhance efficiency and growth.
Rejuvenate your professional growth in a dynamic, transformational development program.
Founder and CEO, The International Culinary Center
Keep up to date with recent and emerging developments in the way business is conducted today.
Founder and CEO, The International Culinary Center
Rediscover the value of continued education—and how much more there is still left to learn.
Founder and CEO, The International Culinary Center
Integrate your learning with practical application through a staggered, modular program structure.
Founder and CEO, The International Culinary Center
Benefit from the experience and resources of HBS and a diverse, global network of business leaders.