Kasturi Wilson
Kasturi Wilson
Managing Director, Hemas Pharmaceuticals, MD Hemas Logistics, MD Hemas Martitime, Sri Lanka
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Board Member , YWCA, Hong Kong
Rethink your nonprofit organization’s purpose and progress. Read More.
Board of Governors , San Francisco Symphony, U.S.
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Chairman, Aga Khan Education Service
"Today I'm able to view my board in a new light. This new understanding has enabled me to recognize more of the strengths they offer and has created a new resource for the institution."
Director, Treasurer, and Chair of Finance Committee, Goodwill of North Georgia
GNE provided frameworks to rethink tough challenges and improve board oversight. Read More.
At-Large Director, Board of Directors, Heifer International
GNE helped this new board member build support for the CEO's mission and vision. Read More.
Chair, Board Development Committee, YWCA of the City of New York
"The Governing for Nonprofit Excellence program was one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. Every aspect of the program—the academic content, the facilitation, the caliber of discussion, and the quality of my classmates—far exceeded my expectations. This is 'required reading' if you are in the not-for-profit sector."
A GNE participant shares her view on the state of symphony orchestras in America. Read More.
Investing in Change
Investing in Change
Redefine what success means for your nonprofit by sharpening your decision-making skills.
Chairperson, Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art
Refine your approach to problem solving as you broaden both your perspective and your network. Read More.
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Make an investment in your organization's future that will yield sizable returns for years to come.
Take advantage of a life-changing program that offers unparalleled benefits for nonprofits.
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Work with faculty who are adept at analyzing cases, energizing people, and stimulating discussion.