Julien Jobard
Julien Jobard
Chief Financial Officer, EFA Group, Singapore
Rethink how you negotiate and reach a winning deal. Read More.
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Founder, CollaborateUp, U.S.
"One of the roles we have to play is getting people to see the humanity of the other." Read More.
Executive Flight Director, NASA Johnson Space Center, U.S.
"GMP opened my eyes to the blind spots I had that I was not aware of." Read More.
Senior Marketing Director, Latin America & Marketing Customer Success for Americas, Cisco, U.S.
Gain diverse perspectives that change the way you see your career and leadership potential. Read More.
Chief of Staff, Colt Technology Services, UK
Step into immersive learning to build career momentum. Read More.
One participant shares memorable moments from his GMP experience.
Join the ranks of HBS alumni—and decide how you’ll make a difference. Read More.
President, Movati Athletic, Canada
Develop the integrated perspective critical to becoming a leader. Read More.
Just one of three reasons you should consider Harvard Business School. Read More.
Head of Procurement, Adidas AG, Germany
Develop your ability to lead in an ever-changing business environment. Read More.
CEO, Autoneum Holding Ltd, Switzerland
Prepare for higher levels of leadership in GMP. Read More.
Executive Vice President, Prumo Global Logistics, Brazil
Take time to gain crucial knowledge, confidence, and perspective in GMP. Read More.
Senior Director, Integrated Health Partners, Eli Lilly Indianapolis, U.S.
"I've gained a much more intimate understanding and appreciation of the lens through which people look at the world and how and why they make the decisions they do."
Managing Director, North American Power Origination SunEdison, U.S.
"GMP confirmed some of what I knew, but I've also gained a whole new set of skills, knowledge, and tools that I can apply to work and to life in general. I've learned a lot about myself—about how I can be pushed and stretched and how I can leverage strengths I didn't know I had. That’s a valuable lesson in itself."
Program Manager, Anadarko Petroleum, U.S.
"The program has prepared me for the next phase of my life and career by highlighting the need to listen more, to consider different viewpoints, and to be able to reach out and ask new types of questions."
Dianne Taylor-Gearing
Dianne Taylor-Gearing
President, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Canada
GMP took my skills to an entirely new level—from finance and accounting to strategy and leadership.
Karen Fonseth
Karen Fonseth
CEO, Direct Action in Support of Community Homes, Inc., U.S.
GMP opened my eyes to opportunities for national and global impact—and how I can change the world.
Terry Virts, Astronaut, NASA, A World View on Leadership, General Management Program participant, gmp, HBS Executive Education
Terry Virts, Astronaut, NASA, A World View on Leadership, General Management Program participant, gmp, HBS Executive Education
Astronaut, NASA, U.S.
GMP was the best leadership training for my role as commander of the International Space Station.
Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Coca-Cola HBC, Greece
Stretch yourself. This program fosters growth and broadens horizons. Read More.
Chief People Officer, Tanfeeth, United Arab Emirates
"Attending GMP is a real privilege. If someone is willing to invest in you and send you to this program, then you should absolutely go. If you are ready for a truly transformational experience, then this is probably the best program out there."
Vice President, Finance, Inteligo Group, Peru
"Before the program, I would hear people say, "You will keep in touch with the people in your living group for the rest of your life." I would think, "I'm only going to be with these people for seven weeks, how can that be?" But then, as I went through the process, I saw the bonds getting stronger and stronger. I now believe these will be lifelong connections."
Program Manager, Anadarko Petroleum, U.S.
"After spending only a week at HBS, I understood that the program actually could make a difference in my career and my life. I will be a different person—not only at the office but also at home. This program has changed who I am fundamentally, and I am very thankful for having had this opportunity."
Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Coca-Cola HBC, Greece
"I knew I would be meeting people and working with them in class, but by working and living together with the same seven people every day, we got to know one another very well as professionals and as people. Over time, we formed deep bonds and were able to give very valuable personal and professional feedback to one another."
Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, UCB Biopharma, S.A., Belgium
Attended Women on Boards
Learn powerful frameworks for serving on a corporate board. Read More.
Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Coca-Cola HBC, Greece
"Executive education gives you an opportunity at a time in your career when you might need to recharge, reset goals, or change direction. With new perspective, you can start asking different questions and hopefully help your organization to steer a better course."
Vice Rector, Research University of the Free State, South Africa
"I learned a great deal about managing people, and I also learned a lot about myself. I thought I knew myself pretty well before the program—but it taught me so much more."