Julien Jobard
Julien Jobard
Chief Financial Officer, EFA Group, Singapore
Rethink how you negotiate and reach a winning deal. Read More.
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Managing Director, Burda Studios Publishing, Germany
Develop strategic-thinking skills and gain methodologies for making decisions. Read More.
Senior Vice President of Sales, Vivint, Inc., U.S.
A testament to the ROI of executive education. Read More.
Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase, U.S.
Sharpen your decision-making skills to create value and growth. Read More.
Vice President, Procter & Gamble, U.S.
Discover an innovative way to learn about innovation. Read More.
Group CEO, United Capital Plc, Nigeria
Identify the strategies and decisions that foster long-term growth. Read More.
CEO, Beauty Industry Group, U.S.
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CEO/Partner, Inviso AS, Norway
Open the door to new perspectives that will enrich your career and your life. Read More.