Kasturi Wilson
Kasturi Wilson
Managing Director, Hemas Pharmaceuticals, MD Hemas Logistics, MD Hemas Martitime, Sri Lanka
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Trade and Working Capital Senior Manager, Barclays Bank, Egypt
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Group CEO , TBR Global Chauffeuring, UK
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Senior Vice President of Sales, Vivint, Inc., U.S.
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Vice President, Wisdom Team at DaVita
"By enabling in-depth self-evaluation, the Authentic Leadership Development program lets you see how your behavior aligns with your stated values—or doesn't—and how your choices affect you, those you lead, and the communities you hope to influence. The program is highly impactful!"
Corporate Affairs Director, Provident Mexico
"My experience in Authentic Leadership Development gave me a better sense of the potential 'derailers' of my career and how to work on them. I was looking for a practical leadership program—not a theoretical approach to leadership styles. This program exceeded my expectations and enabled me to find out more about myself."
Afghanistan Country Director, Office of the Secretary of Defense
"My peer group forced me to think seriously about the course material, articulate my life story and purpose, and receive honest feedback on how my life and leadership style did or did not match my stated goals. The experience of honest and open exchange with five strangers over five days was profound."