Derrick Potter, CEO, Beauty Industry Group
Derrick Potter, CEO, Beauty Industry Group
CEO, Beauty Industry Group, U.S.
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Telecommunications, Switzerland
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Senior Wealth Management Consultant, Lombard International Assurance, South Africa
Take time to step back, reflect, and confront your strengths and weaknesses in PLD.
Executive Director , Dubai Properties Group, UAE
"It has been seven years since receiving my MBA at HBS, so I returned to campus for a refresh with a focus on specific questions relevant to my job. Even for someone who has completed an MBA, I have found that certain executive education courses, like Corporate Level Strategy, are valuable."
Innovation Manager, The Coca-Cola Company—South Latin Business Unit, Peru
"Leading Product Innovation allowed me to learn from experienced and accomplished professors, discover the most recent trends in innovation, explore relevant business cases, and network with other business leaders. It was the perfect combination and a great learning experience."
Chairman, LEGE Investments Dubai, UAE
Push peers to go deeper in identifying the core of business problems and solutions.
Senior Vice President of Sales, Vivint, Inc., U.S.
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Managing Executive, Markets, Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking Johannesburg, South Africa
"AMP reshaped the way I think about myself as a leader. Now I have much more appreciation for how difficult it is to be an effective leader. I am less critical of the leaders around me—and a bit less critical of myself as well."
President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation, Brazil
"Each executive brought an impressive level of gravitas to the discussions. Each time someone made an observation in class, we paid attention because we knew it was going to be something to take note of."
Senior Director, Integrated Health Partners, Eli Lilly Indianapolis, U.S.
"I've gained a much more intimate understanding and appreciation of the lens through which people look at the world and how and why they make the decisions they do."
Managing Director, North American Power Origination SunEdison, U.S.
"GMP confirmed some of what I knew, but I've also gained a whole new set of skills, knowledge, and tools that I can apply to work and to life in general. I've learned a lot about myself—about how I can be pushed and stretched and how I can leverage strengths I didn't know I had. That’s a valuable lesson in itself."
Program Manager, Anadarko Petroleum, U.S.
"The program has prepared me for the next phase of my life and career by highlighting the need to listen more, to consider different viewpoints, and to be able to reach out and ask new types of questions."
Vice President – Banking & Financial Services, North America, NTT Data Services, U.S.
"It's not an experience that begins and ends. PLD provides the catalyst that enables you to transform yourself."
Channel Director, On-Trade, Independent Retail, and Wholesale, Diageo, Australia
"PLD is particularly helpful for understanding and applying corporate fundamentals around finance, culture, behavior, marketing, and so on. It has built my base of skill and knowledge in ways that will place me in good stead for the future."
Vice President of Growth Marketing, GrubHub, U.S.
"I left the program with a strong knowledge base of other functional areas that will help me frame my thinking, ask the right questions, and develop winning strategies."
Duane Highley
Duane Highley
President and CEO, Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation, U.S.
AMP exposed me to new ways of thinking. Now I can better manage my team and the entire enterprise.
Garrett Gravesen
Garrett Gravesen
Director, Chick-fil-A, Inc., U.S.
PLD proved I could be a more effective leader by being true to my core values and authentic self.
Dianne Taylor-Gearing
Dianne Taylor-Gearing
President, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Canada
GMP took my skills to an entirely new level—from finance and accounting to strategy and leadership.
Karen Fonseth
Karen Fonseth
CEO, Direct Action in Support of Community Homes, Inc., U.S.
GMP opened my eyes to opportunities for national and global impact—and how I can change the world.
Elvira Lang
Elvira Lang
Founder and CEO, Comfort Talk, U.S.
AMP empowered me to drive real change in the daily practice of medicine and to set up my own company.
Terry Virts, Astronaut, NASA, A World View on Leadership, General Management Program participant, gmp, HBS Executive Education
Terry Virts, Astronaut, NASA, A World View on Leadership, General Management Program participant, gmp, HBS Executive Education
Astronaut, NASA, U.S.
GMP was the best leadership training for my role as commander of the International Space Station.
Maria Fernandez
Maria Fernandez
Deputy Secretary, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia
I reset my thinking and skills at AMP. Now I approach problems differently and know where to focus.
Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Coca-Cola HBC, Greece
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Vice President and IT Program Manager, State Street Global Advisors, U.S.
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Global Head of Platinum , Thomson Reuters, U.S.
Attended Women on Boards
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Chief Executive, Macmillan Cancer Support, UK
Discover how companies in other sectors and countries approach strategy. Read More.