Leslie Turner
Leslie Turner
SVP and General Counsel, The Hershey Company, U.S.
Engage with a diverse group of women who share common aspirations. Read More.
Director of Strategy and Innovation, Zilveren Kruis Achmea, Netherlands
Open the door to a world of health care experience, insights, and ideas. Read More.
Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, REI Co-op, U.S.
Master the fundamentals of corporate finance and improve your company's bottom line. Read More.
Group CEO , TBR Global Chauffeuring, UK
Recognize and refine the human being inside the leader. Read More.
Principal Consultant, Strategy and Technology, CBS, Australia
Expose yourself to a broad range of experience and insight. Read More.
Senior Director of Research & Development, Philips India Limited, India
Acquire the tools to lead your organization effectively in challenging times. Read More.
Senior Marketing Manager, MillerCoors, U.S.
Question assumptions and stretch yourself as a person and leader.
Vice President and IT Program Manager, State Street Global Advisors, U.S.
Bring clear thinking to every business challenge—and find better solutions.
Chief Executive Officer, Aptogon LLC, U.S.
Build a valuable network of global business leaders who want to see you succeed.  Read More.
Chairman, LEGE Investments Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fulfill growth potential in this powerful learning experience. Read More.
Vice President – Banking & Financial Services, North America, NTT Data Services, U.S.
Reenergize with new focus and inspiration. Read More.
Vice President, Islamic Banking, Gulf International Bank, Bahrain
Join peers from around the globe on a journey to more effective leadership. Read More.
Co-director, Professor of Orthopedics, Boston Shoulder Institute, U.S.
Gain the tools and insights to lead change in your industry. Read More.
Head of Procurement, Adidas AG, Germany
Develop your ability to lead in an ever-changing business environment. Read More.
CEO, Autoneum Holding Ltd, Switzerland
Prepare for higher levels of leadership in GMP. Read More.
General Manager, Fischer Ibérica, Spain
Make the most of your industry's digital transformation. Read More.
CFO, OCHIN, Inc., U.S.
Gain a clear understanding of your personal leadership style. Read More.
Chief Financial Officer, EFA Group, Singapore
Rethink how you negotiate and reach a winning deal. Read More.
Head of Corporate and Asset-based Finance, EFA Group, Singapore
Bring a clear mind and methodical approach to every negotiation. Read More.
Assistant Vice President, Tata Sustainability Group, India
Enhance your managerial skills by examining your leadership style. Read More.
General Counsel in Emerging Markets, Eli Lilly and Company, Austria
In PLD, faculty and peers share your passion to make a difference.
Senior Marketing Manager, MillerCoors, U.S.
Question assumptions and stretch yourself as a person and leader. Read More.
Vice President, Islamic Banking, Gulf International Bank, Bahrain
PLD broadens your horizons—and connects you with peers around the globe.
Commercial Director, International Volleyball Federation, Switzerland
Learn to think creatively and strategically to maximize value. Read More.
Managing Director, dotsure.co.za, South Africa
Prepare yourself to keep pace in today's dynamic global marketplace. Read More.
Sirector of Sales North America, LANXESS, U.S.
Acquire the skills you need to advance strategy in a digital world. Read More.