Derrick Potter, CEO, Beauty Industry Group
Derrick Potter, CEO, Beauty Industry Group
CEO, Beauty Industry Group, U.S.
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Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, UCB Biopharma, S.A., Belgium
Attended Women on Boards
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CEO, Bluebird Communications Ltd., Nigeria
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Principal, Institutional Retirement Plan Services Vanguard, U.S.
"I learned a lot about myself—my strengths and the areas that need work—and walked away with major insights into what I wanted to do differently."
Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Coca-Cola HBC, Greece
"Executive education gives you an opportunity at a time in your career when you might need to recharge, reset goals, or change direction. With new perspective, you can start asking different questions and hopefully help your organization to steer a better course."
Vice Rector, Research University of the Free State, South Africa
"I learned a great deal about managing people, and I also learned a lot about myself. I thought I knew myself pretty well before the program—but it taught me so much more."
Program Manager, Anadarko Petroleum, U.S.
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Vice President of Wireless Technologies, Apple, Inc., U.S.
Attended Women on Boards
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Head, Digital Strategy, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Nigeria
Attended Women on Boards
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Chief Executive Officer, CORPCOM, France
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Cofounder; Cofounder, Glamour-Sales and K2, China
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SVP and General Counsel, The Hershey Company, U.S.
Attended Women on Boards
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President of the Board, CEMZA, Mexico
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President of the Board, CEMZA, Mexico
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Managing Director, KCB Bank Burundi, Africa
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CEO and Co-Founder, SEAL Future Fund, U.S.
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Director, IT, Macy’s, Inc., U.S.
In PLD, build close and lasting bonds with peers who understand your leadership challenges.
Principal, Investments and Operations, CIEL Capital & Director, Semper8 Capital, Canada
The unique PLD experience will enrich your life personally and professionally.
Chief Executive Officer, Aptogon LLC, U.S.
In PLD, learn to lead and work smarter, blending good instincts with proven best practices.
Vice President – Banking & Financial Services, North America, NTT Data Services, U.S.
Begin an exciting, lifelong journey of personal and professional transformation.
Former General Manager, Louis Vuitton, Turkey
Attended Women on Boards
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Managing Director, Welk Consulting Group, Mexico
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Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, U.S.
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General Counsel in Emerging Markets, Eli Lilly and Company, Austria
"I have never been to a place where I've met so many inspiring people. From the professors to my peers, everyone is passionate about doing well in business. It seems to be driven by the HBS mission—to make a difference in the world."
Head of Department and Chief Dietitian, Clemenceau Medical Center, Lebanon
"The experience of being at Harvard Business School and going through PLD made me fearless. I can take risks, make better decisions, and figure out the next steps for my career and my life."
Vice President of Growth Marketing, GrubHub, U.S.
"PLD forced me to acknowledge that my best strengths could also become my worst weaknesses—and that I should challenge myself to evolve my leadership style."