Julien Jobard
Julien Jobard
Chief Financial Officer, EFA Group, Singapore
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Director of Finance and Operations , Wholesome Wave Georgia, U.S.
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Deputy Director of Field Operations , Team Rubicon, U.S.
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Director of Global Trading, Rapaport, U.S.
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Logistics Officer, U.S. Marines, U.S.
7 weeks of personal discovery ➔ A lifetime of professional impact.
CEO & co-founder, Coltala Holdings, U.S.
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CEO, Galt Foundation, U.S.
Listen more to learn more—and make better decisions. Read More.
Co-Founder and CEO, CONTI Organization, U.S.
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Co-Founder and Group Editor in Chief, Online Lifestyle Network (OLN), UAE
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CEO, Carven, France
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CEO, Express Vending, UK
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CEO and Managing Director, Kaizen Development Partners, U.S.
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CEO, HealthPlus Limited, Nigeria
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CEO and Co-Founder, Interiors.R.US., United Arab Emirates
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CEO and Managing Director, Countplus Limited, Australia
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Chief Executive Officer, Sarooj Construction Company, Oman
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Co-founder & CEO, WeMaintain, France
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Vice President, The Royal Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
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Director, Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar
Deliver patient care that is compassionate and cost effective. Read More.
Senior Business Process Consultant, Mazda North American Operations, U.S.
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Co-Founder and Group Editor in Chief, Online Lifestyle Network (OLN), UAE
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Director of Operational Excellence & Quality, ABB, Warminster, U.S.
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Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, AvalonBay Communities, Inc., U.S.
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Director of Strategic Accounts, Ooredoo Qatar, Qatar
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President, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, U.S.
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