This conference will focus on the future of executive education through the lens of India. We will look broadly at India as a rapidly developing economy (RDE) to understand how RDEs will transform the world economy and the global business landscape—and why we need to think about executive development on a much larger scale.

The reputation of India as an outsource haven for low-cost labor is being supplanted by the reality of a moderate-cost, high-quality workforce that is driving innovation in the global economy. For university-based executive education, the need for large cadres of seasoned business leaders is both a challenge to solve and an opportunity to leverage.

India, Inc.—the country's corporate and government sector—provides a fascinating laboratory for examining the contrasts in cultures, business practices, and future models for executive education and development:

  • What are the complementarities between Eastern and Western education models and philosophies?
  • Can we reconcile them into a global model for executive education?
  • What are the lessons from innovation in India that can be applied globally?
  • What can we learn from India's challenges and opportunities to help us rethink our approaches to executive development?

Immense business opportunities are emerging in the executive education industry. To help our clients succeed, we must understand the need for RDEs to develop next-generation leaders who are inspired to find solutions to mega challenges like income inequality, sustainability, and global security.

The design of the conference is to connect three related and equally important subthemes:

Day 1: Understanding India: A Laboratory of Global Challenges & Opportunities
Day 2: How India, Inc. Will Shape the Future of Executive Education
Day 3: India as a Global Innovation Engine

Session Descriptions

TUE 28 MAR: India “101”

Understanding India: A Laboratory of Global Challenges & Opportunities

Rapidly developing economies (RDEs) are having a profound impact on the world. After a few hours in Mumbai, you will have experienced at least one, if not several, of the greatest challenges the country—and, in many respects, the world—faces. By viewing executive education development through the multifaceted lens of India, we can begin to understand how other RDEs will shape the future of our industry.

Global Megatrends: A Fast-Forward View of What Lies Ahead

There is much debate in the business media about the trends that will shape our global future. While opinions and sources may differ, the idea of global megatrends is a common theme. The pre-readings include several insightful articles and videos, but feel free to explore on your own and consider what the most important trends are to you and your school. We will pose questions to one another about these trends, and then explore the dilemmas that they pose for us all.

WED 29 MAR: How India, Inc. Will Shape the Future of Executive Education

Senior Executive Panel: Understanding India, Inc.

In some respects, corporate leaders in India face the same challenges as their counterparts in other parts of the globe. But in keeping with the striking dichotomies of the country, Indian corporates have greater challenges and perhaps greater opportunities than those from more mature markets. We will engage this panel of seasoned executives in a dialog to reveal how business gets done in India. Understanding "what keeps India's CEOs awake at night" will provide fodder for learning throughout the remainder of the conference.

Executive Education in India

Professor Ashish Nanda brings a unique point of view on the future of executive education in India. On the one hand, he is an Executive Education insider, having served on the faculties at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School before taking on the leadership of India's top-ranked Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad. On the other hand, he is a leading adviser to a wide range of professional services firms that are rethinking what the future holds.

CHRO Panel: The Future of Executive Development

This session picks up where the Senior Executive Panel: Understanding India, Inc. left off, and builds on Professor Nanda's message on India as a proxy for our future. We will ask this group of senior HR leaders to help us understand how they are preparing a massive cadre of general managers and emerging leaders to capitalize on emerging global opportunities and solve Indian society's biggest challenges.

Thu 30 MAR: India as a Global Innovation Engine

The Transformation of India, Inc.: From Outsource Haven to Global Innovation Hub

Through the stories of successful entrepreneurs, we can see how India is on the verge of becoming a global hub for innovation. Developing economy constraints are driving innovative thinking and behavior that can help business leaders solve challenges not only for India, but also for the rest of the world. We will hear from entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, including health care and education, who will explain how India is making this transformation. Then we will ask: How can we as executive education providers "disrupt ourselves"?

Wrap Up Session
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