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At certain points in your life and career, you must answer the critical question "What's next?" You can respond passively by letting the momentum of everyday life carry you to the next stage—or you can respond proactively by building a plan for achieving your goals. This offering, designed exclusively for alumni of Harvard Business School's Owner/President Management (OPM) program, helps you make important life decisions, navigate complex life transitions, and realize your personal and professional potential.

What You Can Expect

Offering a framework and process for self-exploration and life/career renewal, Crossroads helps you determine how you want your life and career to evolve. You will define your important life interests, themes, sources of meaning, talents, and values. You will create a vision of where you want to go next, and develop an action plan for reaching your potential, managing competing priorities in your life, overcoming challenges, and leading a more fulfilling (and potentially even happier) life.

Your Course of Study

This dynamic two-module program sets the stage for change through inspiring lectures, hands-on exercises, peer feedback, and professional coaching. Focused on self-discovery and the development of a life vision and plan, the first module helps you identify your interests, values, talents, and aspirations. You will assess the important areas of your life, set goals for the next stage of your life, and identify the actions and changes that are necessary to achieve the life you want. After a six-week break, during which you will engage others and further reflect on the path ahead, you will return to Boston to develop a plan for achieving your ambitions.

Who Is Right for the Program

Crossroads is offered to OPM alumni who are at a career or life crossroads, searching for greater personal and professional satisfaction, or seeking effective strategies for making fundamental life and career changes.