In a highly globalized world, business leaders must understand the macroeconomic, political, and social environments in which they conduct business. Charged with setting direction in a complex world, they need to know where that world is going, how their company can navigate the trends, and which changes—in business strategy and in the institutional and regulatory environment—will create opportunity.

This HBS Executive Education program delivers critical insight into the processes and trends that are reshaping global business conditions. You will examine the connections among government policies, national and global macroeconomic phenomena, politics, cultural and social conditions, and international relations. In particular, you will explore the role of currency, trade, regulatory policies, and institutional infrastructure in shaping the business environment within diverse countries and across the globe. Equipped with a more comprehensive understanding of the local and global context in which your business operates, you will be better able to build strategic advantage and sustainable success for your company.

Thank you for your interest in Executive Education at Harvard Business School. The Managing Opportunity and Risk in the Global Economy program will not be offered in 2017. If you wish to explore this topic it is included in the curricula of our Comprehensive Leadership Programs.

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