Managing Partner, SHS Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Austria
Broaden your views by interacting with global industry peers. Read More.
Develop an enduring network of women executives from around the world.
Director of Global Marketing Operations, Global Human Health Division, Merck & Co., U.S.
Influence and optimize decision-making with behavioral economics. Read More.
CEO, Paradigm Brand Consultancy, Sweden
A solid vision that's proven its market value. Read More.
Global Business Development Manager, Bosch Power Tools, U.S.
Discover a learning environment that will exceed your expectations. Read More.
President of Global Emerging Markets, Stanley Black & Decker, U.S.
Advance your ability to lead across boundaries. Read More.
Superintendent, Assistant District Officer, Queensland Police Service, Australia
Connect with a world of expertise, insights, and experiences. Read More.
General Manager, Almaha Insurance Brokers, Qatar
Discover insights that span professions, industries, and cultures. Read More.
Founder, Live-Up Leadership, U.S.
Identify fundamental principles that are time tested and universal. Read More.
Director, AMR Data and Research Services, Global Research Partners and Global Production, The Boston Consulting Group, Inc., U.S.
Broaden your perspective in a global learning environment. Read More.
Senior Director of Global Costco, Duracell, U.S.
Learn a different approach that leads to better outcomes. Read More.
Director for Emerging Businesses and Federal Government, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Australia, Australia
"Focused on building careers, resilience, and independence for the individuals involved." Read More.
Founder and Managing Director, Inspire Belief, South Africa
"Your present circumstances merely determine where you start." Read More.
Founder, CollaborateUp, U.S.
"One of the roles we have to play is getting people to see the humanity of the other." Read More.
Executive Flight Director, NASA Johnson Space Center, U.S.
"GMP opened my eyes to the blind spots I had that I was not aware of." Read More.
Vice President of M&A, Head of Investments, Mellanox Technologies, Israel
Investigate the complementary domains of M&A and negotiation. Read More.
Quality Programme Manager, Tonkin + Taylor, Ltd., New Zealand
Gain new strategies for managing and mitigating risk across your enterprise. Read More.
Manager Corporate Development, Delta Lloyd, Netherlands
Learn to create and sustain an atmosphere of trust. Read More.
Managing Director, Ziff Brothers, U.S.
Align your investment strategy for future business growth. Read More.
Head of Research, AJO, U.S.
Determine the driving themes that will emerge in the investment industry. Read More.
Technology Strategist, Microsoft Corporation, U.S.
Refine and redefine your career with the Certificate of Management Excellence. Read More.
Managing Director of Investment, Finance House, Dubai
Learn alongside top executives as you expand your network and knowledge in the Middle East. Read More.
President, HVS Middle East and Africa, Dubai
Take a step back to view the big picture. Read More.
Head of Investment Risk, QIC, Australia
Prepare your organization to manage new strategic risks. Read More.
Deputy Research Manager, Harding Loevner LP, U.S.
Learn the latest industry trends your organization needs to thrive. Read More.