All of our Comprehensive Leadership Programs and Senior Leadership Programs include personalized executive coaching as well as group coaching. Throughout these programs, you work one-on-one with a professional coach who helps you reflect on your HBS learning, explore your leadership strengths, identify areas for further development, and create an action plan to help you succeed. These programs also offer group coaching for living/learning groups to ensure that everyone benefits from the small-group work—an important part of the HBS learning experience.

Your work with a personal coach will include reflection, feedback, assessments, experimentation, and action planning in a safe, totally confidential, and supportive environment. Depending on the program format, coaching might take place in person, virtually, or in a blended format. While each program's coaching model is slightly different, all are designed to accelerate your growth as an individual, a team member, and a leader.

Who are the coaches? Our executive coaches are seasoned professionals with proven success working with mid-to-senior-level executives. Trained in our HBS executive coaching methodology—and bringing impressive backgrounds and professional experience to the table—they can provide valuable guidance and elicit significant new insights.

Executives tell us that coaching is an extremely valuable part of their program experience. Markus Messerer, who attended the Program for Leadership Development, put it this way: "You hear about leadership in the classroom, you practice leadership directly as you take on roles and discuss business situations in your living group, and then you have a coaching session in the evening to reflect on what happened during the day. The next morning, you're processing those reflections and receiving new inspiration in the classroom. I found that ongoing dynamic amazing."

Have you wondered how you could benefit from executive coaching? Read how coaching can foster your growth as a business leader, colleague, and person. two executives in conversing by windows overlooking a building

About the Author

Janet R. Marks is an Executive Coach and the Director of Executive Coaching for Harvard Business School, Executive Education.