As a Program Advisor, I really enjoy working with people to help match individuals to the programs that meet their individual learning needs. We currently deliver more than 130 open enrollment and custom programs to over 13,000 participants annually. In addition to our existing programs, Harvard Business School Executive Education is always striving to create new programs that match business leaders' needs in an ever-changing work environment. The Program Advising team regularly attends program sessions and discusses new program launches directly with each faculty teaching team so we have a lot of insight into the teaching intent and benefits of each program. Through our conversations with prospective applicants, we are able to narrow down the programs that are just the right fit for a potential applicant's development goals. Our team is ready to assist whether through a 1:1 conversation or providing guidance to the appropriate resources.

We have many resources that help understand our executive education portfolio of programs. From an Advisor's perspective, a helpful way to think about these resources is in terms of level of engagement. The Program Finder is an excellent way to understand which programs will run during a certain time. Our Program Schedule is a useful way to see the full portfolio of programs in a specific subject area and provides an overview of our full year of programming. As a team, we're always happy to connect individually if you feel it would be useful to receive a program recommendation tailored to your unique circumstances.

Booking a call with a Program Advisor can be a great way to understand whether a particular program matches your learning goals or identify a program that will further your personal development. I think the most important thing that an applicant can bring to the call is an understanding of the type of problem they are trying to solve. Is there a specific challenge you are trying to overcome at work? Do you have a particular subject that you’re interested in taking a program in? There doesn’t have to be a high-level of detail, sometimes it can be enough to distinguish whether you want to work on personal development or organizational leadership. When we talk with potential applicants, our goal is to understand what would be most helpful for you and we make our program recommendations with your personal development as our end goal.

Our Program Advising team really enjoys working to help people grow as leaders. Finding the right program, applying and then attending is a process that could take months for some people-so as a team we're prepared to provide varying levels of support as you work through that process. We're lucky to have a large portfolio of programs-there is a program for every stage of a career ranging from individual contributors transitioning into managers all the way to board members. We're always happy to have a conversation about which executive education program may be a fit for you.


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About the Author

Peter Simms is a Senior Program Advisor for Harvard Business School, Executive Education.