Our faculty at HBS produce many podcasts on diverse business topics, designed to get you thinking, elicit discussion and provide new perspectives. Here we've gathered a few recent episodes you might want to explore. Of course, you can find many more on the individual podcast pages. And if listening isn’t your thing, you can still take advantage of them, as many of our podcasts provide full transcripts as well.

Managing Electricity to Meet Net Zero Targets

In this episode of Climate Rising, hosted by HBS professor Mike Toffel, two experts in energy policy and technology discuss the pros and cons of approaches companies can take to decarbonize electricity.

Reimagining Financial Advice for the Modern World

In this episode of The Disruptive Voice, Anders Jones, co-founder of Facet, offers a great example of disruption in action. Discover the frameworks that helped him build and scale an enterprise that provides financial advice to a class of customers that had not been addressed by market incumbents—the 75% of American households that lacked access to high-quality, affordable, and unbiased financial advice.

Volvo Cars Retools Its Talent Strategy for an EV Future

How did Volvo shift to electric vehicle production? In this episode of Managing the Future of Work, hosted by HBS professor Joe Fuller, Volvo's chief people officer Hanna Fager explains how the company revamped jobs throughout the organization.

How to Manage: Negotiating for Your Team

This episode of Women at Work interviews Martha Jeong, HBS alumna and negotiations professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She explores the challenge of keeping your direct reports happy and working at their best. Laying out the approaches for successful advocacy for your team, she also explains how to set expectations for them—and yourself.

Why More Companies Should Have a Sabbatical Policy

Does your organization offer a sabbatical? In this episode of HBR IdeaCast, HBS senior lecturer DJ DiDonna shares results of his extensive research on the impacts of extended time off—paid or unpaid—on workers, teams, and the organization, and how organizations can make it work financially and culturally.

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