Applying to an HBS Executive Education program can be an important step in your development as a leader—a step you don't want to take lightly. When you are trying to decide whether to attend a program, keep in mind that you can draw on the experience of other people like you who have been there.

HBS Executive Education ParticipantJoanne Hames

"Overall, the experience was incredible—completely life changing. It's changed how I look at the world. It's changed how I look at myself. And it's definitely changed how I look at my organization and how we're going to be able to move ahead."

Joanne Hames
Manager, Finance
Crombie REIT

Is now the right time?

Many find it challenging to make time for education but, once they attend, they discover that for significant career development this time is important to reenergize and gain a broader perspective.

HBS Executive Education Participant Amit Zevery

"It was a difficult decision to take eight weeks away from my work, but the program was definitely worth the time investment. My family came out to Boston the first week so I could spend a little time with them. I also went home to California for the brief break halfway through the program. Today's technology, like FaceTime, makes it much easier to stay in touch."

Amit Zavery
EVP, Product Development
Oracle Cloud Platform

Will I fit in?

It's not uncommon for executives to wonder if HBS Executive Education is for them. Once they start a program, they quickly realize that they belong.

HBS Executive Education Participant Lindsay Corbin

"When you first start the program, you wonder if you can keep up at this incredible institution, then you realize you belong. Going through so many different exercises, you start to understand your real strengths. People in your living groups recognize and support those strengths, building your confidence. You have a support group telling you, 'You can do it!' That's pretty powerful."

Lindsey (Corbin) Nehls
West Area Sales Director
Chevron Energy Solutions

What will I learn that I can apply right away?

Participants find that they master new ways of thinking that they can put into action immediately, which can help them take a big step forward in their careers.

HBS Executive Education Participant Daniela Terminel

"The program was instrumental in helping me secure my new position as CEO of Global Health Corps, which represents a big step forward in my career as a leader. I have been applying many of the lessons I learned, such as developing my professional narrative, building self-confidence and self-awareness, managing change, establishing trust, thinking strategically, analyzing trade-offs, working in a global organization, an understanding the role of the CEO."

Daniela Terminel
Global Health Corps

If you want to go deeper into the HBS participant experience, visit our Stories from Participants page. You can search by topic, program title, or keywords to find the first-hand accounts that best match your areas of interest.

What Will Your Story Be?

Once you've immersed yourself in what HBS Executive Education has to offer, you'll gain transformative insights and make deep connections that last a lifetime.

About the Author

Emily Cagwin is the Director of Participant Marketing for Harvard Business School, Executive Education.