It's no secret that digital technologies have transformed—and continue to transform—entire industries. The ability to grasp the implications of shifting technologies, from mobile devices to social media to machine learning, is critical for leaders across industries and functions.

Every organization today is engaged in some type of digital transformation, but with technology changing so fast, it can be hard to stay on top of the trends that matter most. That's why HBS Executive Education is continuing to expand our offerings related to digital transformation, including our new Digital Transformation Certificate.

Build Your Strategic Edge

Designed for executives in a wide range of roles, the Digital Transformation Certificate recognizes the advanced learning that you have undertaken—learning that will help you analyze the impact of evolving technologies on your business, create informed strategies, and anticipate future change.

To earn this certificate, you will select three digital transformation-focused programs and complete them within three years. See the current list of qualifying programs on the Digital Transformation Certificate page.

The certificate was designed to be flexible, so you can choose programs that are most meaningful for your business and your role. This enables you to create the specific learning path that is right for you.

HBS faculty member Sunil Gupta presents the Digital Transformation Certificate to an executive student.

Brahma Vella receiving his Digital Transformation Certificate from Professor Sunil Gupta.

How to Get Started

Your first step toward the certificate is creating a Statement of Intent, which explains your reason for pursuing the certificate and identifies the specific programs you plan to attend. HBS Executive Education program advisors can provide you with the necessary forms. They can also help you decide which programs are best for you and build the three-program curriculum that you will complete. You may also want to consult the program comparison chart, which details the focus and key benefits of each program side-by-side.

The next step is to apply to and be accepted into your first program and then do the same with two more programs. If you have already completed one or more qualifying HBS Executive Education programs, you can count them toward your certificate, but just keep in mind that all three programs must be completed within 36 months.

Faced with the rigorous demands of day-to-day work, many executives delay pursuing executive education, thinking to themselves, "I'll just do it next year when things settle down." But commitment to a certificate is a great way to ensure you keep moving forward in your career even when life gets busy. As participant Brahma Vella, CEO of Unify Technologies, explained, the programs help you evolve with the technology and prepare for the challenges ahead. "The digital transformation programs at HBS addressed crucial content related to diverse digital journeys, and I highly suggest the experience for emerging digital leaders," he says. "The programs featured engaging case studies on industry pioneers, provided practical insights, and sparked meaningful conversations among peers. Participating in these programs amplified my understanding of the strategic decision-making processes in large digital enterprises."

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