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The Female Executive's Perspective: A conversation with HBS AMP Women on Applying

Five women who recently attended the Advanced Management Program (AMP) sat down and shared how they made the decision to apply. Their verdict: AMP will change your life and career. Don't wait—create a pathway and go for it!

Stepping away from responsibilities in the office and at home for the multi-week HBS Advanced Management Program (AMP) is a major decision. Women executives in particular wonder, "Can I really leave my family and my team for that long?"

The executives who do decide to come to the HBS campus for AMP have a lot to say about the benefits to their careers and personal growth. We asked five women to share their experience as they weighed the options. Would their team stay on track without them? How would their families manage without them? Watch our video and listen to their stories as you consider taking advantage of AMP.

While the traditional AMP program has taken place entirely on campus over seven continuous weeks, we now deliver the program in two formats, designed for busy senior executives. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the value of blending remote and on-campus work. Our next two cohorts of AMP, beginning in March and September, feature a blended format combining live online sessions, self-paced work, and a five-week session on campus. In the spring of 2023, we'll bring back the flexible modular format presented over six months in four highly integrated modules, with just six weeks away from the office. Both formats present a good alternative to executives who considered AMP in the past but hesitated to spend seven consecutive weeks away.

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