Thank you for your interest in Executive Education at Harvard Business School. The Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age—China program is no longer offered in our program portfolio. You may wish to consider another China offering.

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To drive long-term growth, global leaders need a balanced view of business that encompasses both financial and nonfinancial measures as well as multiple control systems. In this Executive Education program, you'll examine the best practices and practical application of powerful new systems for managing cost, assessing risk, and driving performance.

One of the key factors driving change for today's businesses is the digital revolution, which has introduced new competitive threats, innovative business models, and new approaches for attracting and retaining customers. In this program, you will explore if and how new digital technologies are impacting your industry and your company—and whether it's time to evolve your marketing strategy. Taking a close look at markets disrupted by digital technologies and others where change has been more gradual, you will discover best practices for forward-looking marketing strategies that align with the realities of your market.