Thank you for your interest in Executive Education at Harvard Business School. The Leadership in Financial Organizations – India program is no longer offered in our program portfolio. You may wish to consider the Leadership in Financial Organizations program offered on the HBS campus.

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For business leaders in the financial industry, these are uncertain times. In the wake of the recent global economic crisis, companies are confronted with volatile financial markets, heightened regulation, and increased public scrutiny of both performance and ethics. In response, Harvard Business School (HBS) has designed a new offering—Leadership in Financial Organizations. Presented in four of the world's leading financial centers, this powerful program explores the demands facing industry executives in today's unpredictable economic climate.

What You Can Expect

Faculty cochairs Boris Groysberg and Paul Healy, accomplished researchers in the financial industry and authors of more than seventy-five published works on this topic, will address the issues that are integral to success for leaders of teams and organizations. You will explore industry-specific subjects related to leadership, change management, ethics, and talent management. Because the same curriculum and framework are used in all four program venues, employees who work for one organization but in different regions of the globe will develop a common leadership language.

Your Course of Study

Leadership in Financial Organizations examines a range of industry, strategy, leadership, and organizational topics. Through case studies, lectures, interactive exercises, and surveys, you will analyze complex leadership issues confronted by financial institutions around the world.

Who Is Right for the Program

This program is designed for managing directors and other high-level executives of established global financial institutions. Offering a uniform curriculum across all locations enables executives to choose the program venue that best suits their schedule and location. Typical organizations represented include insurance companies, investment and commercial banks, asset management firms, hedge funds, and private equity firms.